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Where to buy costomized Roller Brush?

Where to buy costomized Roller Brush?

October 16,2020.

Recently We received an inquiry named Mr Malmygo from Russia,He need customized a Roller brush used for pills dedusting,then send us the brush picture and drawings,He said his brush is special and difficult to produce, he had searched many brush factories and all cannot make the brushes.

Then we checked the drawing and found:

*The brush total length is 430mm and 578mm.

*This brush length of white wire starts from 2.5mm in the bottom of the cave and growth till 25mm at the top.

*The brush length occupied by the white bristles of each arc is 43mm, and the brush length occupied by the blue bristles is 7mm.

Our Technicist said If we only use punching machine and usual wire cutter- we can produce such brush only by hand but quality will be low. So they decied use new custom shearing tools,Then I told Malmygo we can produce his brush and our plan,he is very satisfied,Now the samples are in production.

If you want to customized the brush to suitbel your machine you can come to DASION brush,we can give you a good plan and product.

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