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Where to Buy Koi Spawning Brush?

Where to Buy Koi Spawning Brush?

October 16,2020.

Have you worried about where to buy Spawning Brush? Welcome to dasionbrush.

We make the spawning brush for koi.

Spawning Brush

Now, let me recommend our spawning brush for you.

Usage: When koi be ready to spawn, they look for somewhere suitable to lay their eggs. In nature this will be plants, roots and filamentous algae. But most artificial koi ponds are devoid or short of these, so you need spawning brush to help fish spawn. Our spawning brushes are ideal tool when breeding your koi have no natural plant life to spawn on.

Feature: Our Koi Spawning Brush made of very soft Polypropene to avoid damaging the fish. The outer diameter about the brush is 14cm. We also accept customized. You can customize the OD, length and so on. Lightweight and easy to cleaning.

How to use: Place the brush just below the water surface. Remove when fish have spawned and then placed in a location with water that is about the same temperature of the pond. Keep separate pups until they are big enough.

Our brush can also be used for other purposes, such as water filter brush, anti-bird brush, anti-rodent brush, gutter brush and so on.

So if you are interested in our brush, feel free to contact us. This is our email: info@dasionbrush.com.

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