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Where to buy Self-Suction Paint Roller Brush Tool?

Where to buy Self-Suction Paint Roller Brush Tool?

September 25,2020.

Several days ago,we received an inquiry from Deniz Armand who is locted in Germany,He said he was looking for a good quality paint tools which is not a disposable one,then we recommend Dasion’s Self-Suction Paint Roller Brush Tool,and introduce it advantage for he.

This paint brush is detachable,consist of brush head and pole,the brush Bristle material is cotton,the pole handle material is special PVC.

The steps are also very simple:

*Assemble the paint brush.

*Just need Slide the pole to extract paint.

*Pull the wrench to start painting.

It doesn’t need to dip again because it has a 900ml reservoir tupe,so it won’t stain the clothes and floor.And this brush easy to remove and wash,can be reused after drying.The pole is telescopic pole so it’s stable and fast when painting.

Traditional tools to paint the wall are easy to mess up the clothes and the roller brush is uneven and waste time and energy. This paint brush perfectly avoids these disadvantage.It’s not only save your time and money,but also it’s evenly when painting.

After listening to our introduction, Mr Deniz thought this was the paint brush he wanted and immediately placed the order.

If you need this one paint brush or you want to know more about this brush,you can feel free to contact us at info@dasionbrush.com.

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